Uncategorized What Are the Most Important Words in Real Estate? What Are the Most Important Words in Real Estate?   For years a quick answer to the question was location, location, location! In my opinion I have always felt that answer was shortsighted!   As a real estate broker, I have always felt there was no short answer to the question, instead my answer for […]
Uncategorized BHGRE Safari Realty A Great New Atmosphere There comes a time when everyone needs to adjust to a changing lifestyle and an improved working environment. At BHGRE Safari Realty we have created just that type of comfortable and stimulating office atmosphere which resembles a local coffee shoppe, yet provides a professional feeling. Whether you desire a desk, or would much rather sitting […]
Uncategorized Sales Agents: Awards, Awards Awards, What Do They Mean? It is April 3, 2023 and where do Real Estate Agents go from here? Can winning a production award help me? The Staten Island Board of Realtors has just completed announcing the 2022 Top Producers and many agents will now utilize that information for self promotion. This is a great way to help build your […]
Uncategorized AGENT. Is it too late to Salvage 2023? Well April Fools Day has come and gone, and each of you may be wondering with 3 months of the year already passed, what can I do to try to salvage my year. It has not been easy, in fact 2022 was not easy, nor any year previous to that actually been easy. This is […]
Uncategorized Let’s Talk Quality of Life Yes, for a moment Let’s talk about Quality of Life. It is my personal and professional feeling that most of our decisions are based on improving our  Quality Of Life. Let’s relate this to a non-investor buyer. Why do most buyers make a decision to purchase a home? I believe it boils down to improving […]
Uncategorized Where do I place my Holiday Decorations? How you locate your perfect new home has taken turn recently! With the introduction of new technology in the late 1990’s and the almost something new in technology that is introduced into the real estate marketplace almost daily, finding that new home has indeed become a family affair. The amount of information that is now […]
Uncategorized A Winter of Discontent? Or, something so much better! Whether you are a licensed real estate agent/broker, someone thinking getting their license or a consumer pondering their next step………… As we approach the start of winter, we need to look at ourselves and decide, will we just sit around and accept a Winter of Discontent or do something about it. There is no question […]
Uncategorized Why do the Experts feel the need to Label Real Estate Markets? Why is there a need to label real estate markets? By Frank Reali …………. It seems that almost every time we turn around someone somewhere finds it important to place a label on the real estate market. Whether it is a buyer’s market, a seller’s market a changing market or a recovering market someone will […]
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