Uncategorized January 9, 2023

Let’s Talk Quality of Life

Yes, for a moment

Let’s talk about Quality of Life.
It is my personal and professional feeling that most of our decisions are based on improving our  Quality Of Life.
Let’s relate this to a non-investor buyer.
Why do most buyers make a decision to purchase a home? I believe it boils down to improving their quality of life. Whether they are moving from an apartment or another home we must assume that the reason relates to the improvement of their quality of life. A yard for the children or pet, or both. More space, separate bedrooms for each child, a playroom, better schools or social atmosphere; I think you get the picture. Identifying the reason will make it easier for you to accomplish your task, that is finding the home that makes them happy and satisfies their needs.
What you need to remember is that in most cases the buyer themselves do not realize that their goal is to improve their quality of life, although they know they are looking to move for all those reasons. Placing the term Quality of Life in front of them will solidify the reason by making it one concrete purpose. That will allow them to adjust as they go through the process, by eliminating certain items, adding others without losing focus on what their initial intention was, that is improving their quality of life.
Now, let’s look at the non investor seller.
The seller has decided to sell, but why? They know it is time but do not have a real concrete goal in mind. You can easily identify this concrete goal as improving their Quality of Life. This will give purpose to the journey they will be starting.
You see they have a large home but the kids have moved out, cleaning is a non essential but necessary chore, but no one has used that room all week. The yard is great but who is maintaining it and why? Moving down to a smaller home will improve their quality of life. Hey, they just added another child and need to find something larger, or a job and pay increase makes them want a nicer community. They need to sell to buy their next home. Improving their quality of life. Maybe it is about finding a warmer climate, or getting closer to the children who have finally found their way. The reasons are limitless but whether they want to move up in size, move down in size the reasons are limitless yet can all be summed up to Improving their Quality of Life.
If you utilize that thought process when discussing their options I believe it will make the process for everyone, buyers sellers and yourselves so much easier and so much more rewarding.

In summation let me not forget one other item. Why did you get your real estate license in the first place? Why do you continue to hold on to it? Why do you take continuing education classes and pay realtor and mls fees each and every year?
I bet your initial decision had to do with improving your quality of life, one way or another.
So what has happened to you that has changed that focus? Think about it. You cannot guide someone on their journey if you do not first off know where you are going. The old adage, the blind leading the blind can be no truer than a real estate agent with no focus trying to guide a buyer or seller through the real estate maze.