Uncategorized March 25, 2022

When is the Right time to Buy or Sell

When is the “Right time to buy or sell”

by Frank Reali


In today’s real estate climate this is a question that is on everyone’s mind; but if you have been around for a while you would know that this is the same question that is on everyone’s mind all the time.


It is pretty easy to say you buy when the price is lowest and you sell when the price is highest, now that was simple. Of course who will you sell to and who will you buy from if everyone subscribes to that mantra.


Most people make real estate decisions based on need. Questions like what do I need now and how will this improve my quality of life dictate many purchase and sale decisions. In many cases the real estate climate plays only a small part in the decision.



An apartment may be too small, a new child is on the way, a recent marriage is making things crowded; these may all be reasons for that first purchase. Maybe the starter home is getting cramped and you need more space, a good reason to sell. A recent pay increase may create the opportunity to explore a larger home, selling and buying. A job transfer or a decision to retire may be a great reason to explore options elsewhere.


On a daily basis buyers and sellers make these decisions and come up with the right answer to the question; today is the best time for me to buy or sell.